Eligibility Criteria

In order to participate in the TechSoup donation program, nonprofit organizations must be validated by TechSoup as an organization operating on a nonprofit basis for the public benefit. Organizations must also meet the individual eligibility requirements of specific donor partners to request product donations from those partners' donation programs.

Program eligibility guidelines are provided below. If you are interested and believe that your organization meets the guidelines, please complete the organization registration process and submit the relevant documentation described below. Please provide all relevant documentation in your submission. Specific requirements may vary by jurisdiction. If additional information is required to complete the review process, someone from our team will contact you to follow up.

To be validated by TechSoup, your organization must:

  1. Be registered as a nonprofit or religious organization with the relevant government authorities;
  2. Operate on a nonprofit basis for the public benefit; and
  3. Where applicable, hold all necessary permissions to receive donations from abroad

In order for TechSoup to validate your organization's nonprofit or religious organization status, you will need to provide sufficient evidence, as described below.

  1. Provide proof of your organization's registration status as a nonprofit or religious organization with the relevant government authority. Proof may include the following:
    • Link to an official government database proving your organization's status;
    • Certificate of registration or incorporation;
    • Letter from the relevant government body evidencing your organization's registration status;
    • Copy of an official journal, gazette, or other government publication evidencing your organization's registration status; or
    • Copy of your organization's governing documents, including if applicable a version that has been translated into English (an unofficial translation is acceptable);
  2. Provide a link to or copy of the applicable local law governing your organization's legal status or form, noting relevant sections, and providing an English translation (an unofficial translation is acceptable)

If your organization has membership in an NGO network or umbrella organization, please feel free to provide proof of such membership to supplement your application.